Give her a bodyguard,

to help escape dates gone wrong, harassment, and unwanted attention.
25% of college women face sexual threats. Now she can get discrete intervention when she needs it.


The ClutchSOS app and site enable quick, easy, and even automatic bodyguard requests.


We use licensed firms and guards with many years in executive protection and law enforcement.

Easy to Schedule

Easily schedule bodyguards for dates, parties, clubbing, prom night, events and break-ups, etc.

Campus Safety

Live, personal protection from obsessive, stalking exes, to let them know your child is off limits.

What Students Say About CLUTCH

"Having a Clutch guardian can be the difference between me and my bestie getting fondled by some rando at a club and us having a great night. I wish I had this when I was a freshman!"
Grace N.
Design Major, Senior
"I thought my dad was being overprotective when he bought my Clutch Elite membership. But, now that I've started college, I realize  relationship violence and harassment on campus is common. I was floored by stories from some of my friends here. With the ClutchSOS app, having a personal bodyguard available on-demand, and learning about ways to reduce the risk of these kinds of situations, I know the numbers are daunting, but I feel confident I won't be in that 1/4 statistic."
Education Major, Freshman
"No matter what I said or did, this guy in my Econ. class just wouldn't leave me alone. Then my Clutch Guardian told him to back off. Now the dude avoids me at all costs. It's funny how having a 200 pound, six foot tall wall of muscle and military discipline got an immediate reaction."
Accounting Major, Junior