Get Quick Help
From Your Clutch Crew

This S.O.S. Safety app lets your
crew help you In tough situations

Get Help Fast With ClutchSOS

Support Your Friends and Get Help When Needed

Streaming witnesses

Your friends can instantly see your location, hear you, text or speak to you.

Options for intervention

In app witnesses call 911, translate, give  information, yell at attacker, find you.


Audio recording, location, date, and text are shared even if phone dies in group mode.

Get Support

I've been bullied for not fitting in at school. The app lets my friends hear everything, so it's not just my word when I talk to school officials. - Sam

Get Assistance

I had an allergic reaction right after finishing a jog. My girlfriend translated for me to a helpful bystander through the app and used it to pick me up. - Svetlana

Get Proof

I really like the audio recording. I can protect my ride share rating if there's any dispute, and letting passengers know seems to put them at ease too.  - Jerome

How it Works

USING clutchsos is a simple as 1,2,3.

Press and Hold the Clutch Button to Start

Hold the button for one second to begin a Solo Recording.

Self Recording

Now, you're recording audio just for you. Because it doesn't alert anyone yet, you can use it anytime, especially when you aren't comfortable or are entering an uncomfortable situation. In this mode, you can tap the chat button to leave a note about the specifics of your situation. Whatever you put in the chat will be there to give context to your friends if you need to press the button to Alert Contacts or if you are on unable ClutchSOS will send an Automatic Alert if you battery is below 5% or you've been recording for over 2 hours.

Alerting Friends

If you have a signal, any contacts you've added will get an alert letting them know you need assistance. They can see whatever information you entered in the chat. They can hear you, speak to you, and see your location to come get you. No matter what happens, they'll receive proof of everything recorded  since your pressed the Clutch button, even if they didn't answer the alert in time and even if your phone breaks or dies.

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What Experts Say About ClutchSOS

“With its ability to livestream witnesses and collect evidence at the push of a button, ClutchSOS offers an effective way for victims of assault and abuse to build their legal case while protecting themselves in real time. My client was harassed for a year by a stalker and used ClutchSOS to gather the proof and witnesses needed to pursue a restraining order. I now recommend ClutchSOS to my clients and colleagues.”

Travis Thompson, Esq.
Thompson Law

ClutchSOS is a unique app because it provides strategies that address three areas of Sexual Violence Prevention and Response which includes: Primary Prevention, Risk Reduction, and Response mechanisms for reporting to authorities”

Katie Eichele
Director of The Aurora Center for Advocacy and Education
at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

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