Protect Your Workers and Brand. Reassure Clients.

This mobile safety assurance system helps with the discomfort and insecurity of entering client property.

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Put Your Workforce and Clients at Ease

Strangers entering a property can be uncomfortable for client and worker.

Capture the Entire Experience

With the push of a button, ClutchSOS records the audio and location for the entire time your team is on a property. Now you can give clients a full accounting of your employee's time on and off site. Clients can rest easy knowing your business takes accountability and service seriously. And you can get ahead of any disputes or negative experiences, with facts,

ClutchSOS Premium Safety App

It's quick and easy to use for employees, with just one button to activate.
It creates an immediate connection for teams by displaying live location, enabling live chat, and streaming two-way audio, the date and time of incidents, all recorded and archived for review.

Employee Safety

Reduce risk and exposure for your company and show care for employees with our high-quality safety response tool.

Reassure Clients

Reassure prospective clients their family and property are safe with every activity of your team recorded to ensure high quality.

Quality Management

Gain control of your service quality with proof of your interactions. Use it to train, improve and defend your quality and reputation.

Voice of the Customer

Discover your true customer experience, with recordings and transcripts from off-site customer interactions.

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