Schedule bodyguards

so executives can focus on the firm's success
Avoid violent responses to downsizing with executive protection specialists.


The ClutchSOS app and site enable quick and easy requests of a bodyguard to your location.


We use licensed firms and guards with many years in executive protection and law enforcement.

Easy to Schedule

Easily schedule guardians for key execs, HNWIs, downsizings, firings, and special guests or events.

Arrange Nationwide

Protect visitors, clients, executives, and sales people with expert guardians to accompany them.

What Businesses Say About CLUTCH

"Whenever I'm planning an event with an important client or high net worth person, it's always such a hassle finding and being sure I have quality guards. With Clutch, it's super easy to schedule polite and professional protectors."
Event Planner in St. Paul, MN
"Clutch Guardian helps me and my employees stay focused. It's a small cost for us relative to the value provided. And if I have to let someone go, I can order a bodyguard to keep things cool.

I wish I knew about this sooner. We no longer have to worry about team members being worried about traveling alone or to certain events. So it saves us money and creates more independence. It's quick, easy, and kind of brilliant."
Entrepreneur in Chicago, IL
"If a team member has a personal security matter that's taking focus away from doing their best work, we cover some of their Guardian costs.

Some of our sales women, who would normally prefer to travel with others for safety, now know we're committed to helping them feel safe no matter where they represent us. It's a great service."
HR manager, Edina, MN