We Value People

Instant, social, and automatic safety for all!

Our Story:

When a professor upset about campus sexual assault had coffee☕️ with a journalist upset about violence in the streets, they saw society prioritizing the protection of things over people.

You have a security system at home🏠.

You have one for your car🚗.

You have one for your packages📦.

But what about for YOU?


Society's values are misplaced.

🤔 Personal Security is a Right . 🗽

💡We can protect each other. 🤝

They reached out to students and community members for input on how to build a security system for people, with compassionate and trusted people at its heart❤️. With assistance from safety experts, and college students👩🎓, they created a system to help people help each other.

Protect yourself.

Support friends and family.

Be excellent to each other with...

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