Our Point of View

Nothing Else Will Do.

We are building a world in which help is instant, social, and automatic.

To that end, we have unified the efforts of expert technologists, researchers, law enforcement, and executive protection specialists to create the easiest, fastest, and highest quality personal protection for those who refuse to settle.


In our members area, you will also learn threat prevention, risk reduction, and other strategies from experts in personal, physical, professional, and emotional safety. You'll also learn the best ways to use our premium personal security system for the self, ClutchSOS, so you can get the help, anywhere, instantly and automatically while gathering the evidence needed to pursue justice.

Elite Experience

For your own safety or for the safety of others, Clutch orchestrates the security you need when you need it. Sourcing qualified and capable executive protection can be a challenge, especially when traveling. That's why we work with the best executive security companies and guards across the United States. We evaluate their experience, background, and professionalism, and coordinate them to serve you.

We will do everything we can to ensure you get the best executive protection experience possible.

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