Clutch Inc. Agreement for Personal Protection

Last Updated: December 4 2019

Between the executive protection specialist, hereinafter referred to asBodyguard, and the Clutch Guardian Elite member, hereinafter referred to as Client.
0.Waiver of Signature:Participation in and usage of executive protection services, as client or bodyguard, constitutes acknowledgment and acceptance of theTerms of Service and Privacy Policy stated on the ClutchSOS website as well as the following agreement without need for signature.
1.Purpose of Agreement: Client believe that she, or other parties, may be targets of criminal forces and hereby agrees to contact with Bodyguard to provide PersonalProtection Services for herself and/or other parties for the length of time specified in her request.
2.Duration: This contract shall be for the period of hours requested through online form or via email beginning on the day chosen via online form or email.Client has the option to extend the length of this contract if she deems it is necessary at the same rate of pay and under the same conditions as outlined below.
3.Termination: This contract will remain in force until the date of expiration and is non-cancelable and monies paid non-refundable.
4.Bodyguard Fees: Bodyguard is to be paid a fee agreed upon as client’s regular rate, per subscription to Clutch GuardianElite membership.  This fee is for one bodyguard; additional bodyguards are available at the same rate.
5.Hazard fee: In addition to the above fee, Client agrees to pay an additional fee of$200 per hour for work conducted under threat of physical danger:this is defined as any time Client is threatened or under attack.
6.Expenses: Client agrees to pay Bodyguard's daily expenses, including travel and any local licensing fee to which bodyguard maybe subject. Expenses to include doctor and medical for any injuries which Bodyguard incurs while protecting client.
7.Bodyguard Duties: Body guard agrees to make every effort to protect Client or other designated parties from physical or bodily harm of any type.
8.Working Schedule: Bodyguard's working hours shall be at Client's convenience anytime during each 24hour period, although performance of duties will not exceed eight (8)hours at any one time without an additional payment of one and a half(1-1/2) times regular hourly rate.
9.Client's Guarantee of Legality: It is agreed, without question, that Bodyguard is unwilling to perform any duties that might be construed as being illegal, criminal or felonious. In the event Bodyguard should be arrested for any reason while performing duties for client, it is agreed that all legal fees, attorney fees, fines and/or tickets will be paid by Client.
10.Disclosure Agreement: Client by signing this Contact/Agreement, guarantees that all relevant information in regard to this Contract for Employment has been disclosed, and any additional duties or responsibilities are not incumbent on Bodyguard.
11.The above constitutes the entire agreement between Client and Bodyguard, and no representations, guarantees or warranties have been made other than those specifically included herein.